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Bookings and Payments

1.    DEPOSIT & FINAL PAYMENT- A 40% deposit is due at time of booking. The final payment is due 45 days prior to arrival by a personal check, business check, e-check, or credit/debit card. If final payment has not been made 21 days prior to arrival, Guest agrees the credit/debit card on file will be charged the final balance. Final balances paid by credit/debit card will incur a 3% fee. Credit/debit fees are waived for deposits only.

2.    RESERVATIONS- Any reservations (rate or property) made for the following year are not guaranteed, as all dwellings are privately owned. Guest agrees to a full refund if this occurs.

3.    RATES- Rates are based on stated maximum occupancy of each Dwelling, alongside property classification, season, location, furnishings, and amenities. Rates may be adjusted yearly. Published nightly rates DO NOT include taxes, cleaning fees, pet fees, or any additional services. Guest will be notified if there is a rate or property change and has the right to cancel at that time without penalty.

4.    SECURITY- Guest agrees the primary credit card or any other type of credit card provided for payment may be used as a form of security by Agent for any fines, fees, or additional services due to Guest neglect, misuse, or damage.

5.    CONFIRMATIONS- Reservation confirmation will be sent to Guest(s) via email. Please read the confirmation for accuracy: occupancy dates, pricing, mailing address, phone/e-mail contact information.

6.    LISTING INFORMATION- Property information and individual listings are believed accurate but cannot be guaranteed. We have made every effort to ensure that all the information on the Agent’s website is current and accurate. The possibility of errors and omissions exists. Our staff will be happy to confirm all data and information contained herein or will be glad to answer any questions you may have prior to booking your reservation.

7.    SPECIALS, PROMOTIONS, DISCOUNTS- Agent may offer different types of savings. Any special, promotion, or discount must be requested at time of booking. Reservations cancelled in order to take advantage of these savings are subject to cancellation penalties. Some properties may be exempt from specials, discounts.

8.    CANCELLATION POLICY- All Cancellations must be completed in writing (Email, Fax, or Certified Mail). Cancellations are not complete until Guest receives confirmation email from Agent. For a refund of monies, cancellation must be received 91 days prior to your arrival date.  The cancellation fee will be 10% of the rental rate.  Cancellations within 46-90 days will result in the loss of the 40% deposit unless we are able to re-rent the Dwelling for the same rate and time period.  No refunds will be made for cancellations received 45 days or less prior to arrival unless the Dwelling is re-rented for the same rate and time period.  If the Dwelling is re-rented, then a 10% cancellation fee will apply.   For this reason, we highly recommend that you consider purchasing the optional travel insurance.

Check-in and Check-out

9.    CHECK IN TIME IS AFTER 4 P.M., and is not guaranteed, especially during peak vacation season. Guest agrees to follow all check-in procedures. Agent will use every available resource to have the Dwelling ready for Guest occupancy at noted check-in time, however; Agent cannot guarantee the exact time of occupancy due to possible unforeseen issues. No concessions, rate reductions, or refunds will be made for postponed occupancy due to delays out of Agents control.

10.  HOUSEKEEPING- Dwelling will be cleaned and inspected prior to Guest arrival. Guests entering Dwellings before housekeeping has finished cleaning and the inspection done accept the Dwelling as is. If Guest would like to purchase any extra cleaning during their stay, please call our office.  Any such costs shall be charged to the credit card on file for the reservation. Bed linens and bath towels are provided. Monthly rentals may be subjected to a monthly usage fee. Guests are also free to bring their own linens and towels.  Beach towels are not provided. Sleep sofa bedding including linens and towels may be reserved in advance.  Please call the office for this service. Guests are welcome to bring and use their own linens and towels for the sleep sofas. Guests that check in and find housekeeping unacceptable must call the office immediately. Agent will have housekeeping return to Dwelling. There are no refunds regarding unsatisfactory housekeeping.

11.  PROHIBITED VEHICLES- Motorcycles, electric bikes, trailers, motor homes, boats, boat trailers, kayaks, and /or recreational vehicles are prohibited in the gated resort communities on Hilton Head. Guests are encouraged to call the appropriate security office of the community that they are staying in if they have any questions.

12.  CHECK-OUT TIME IS 10 A.M- Keys and Key-FOBs must be returned to our office. Guest agrees to follow all check-out procedures, and understands that the property must be left in acceptable condition. Guest understands that failure to follow the posted check-out procedures may result in additional fees. Agent reserves the right to further charge Guest for additional cleaning or repairs.  Any Guest not departing as agreed is subject to an additional charge, if not approved by the office. All Guests are asked to follow Agent’s departure checklist before leaving Dwelling.

Occupancy and Use

13.  DWELLING IS PRIVATE PROPERTY-The Guest is hereby notified that the Dwelling is a privately owned home or villa and is being made available by the Owner for rent.

14.  LEASEHOLDER RESPONSIBILITIES- While there may be numerous occupants in a given Dwelling, only the reserving party is required to sign the lease.  The Agent will hold the signing lessee responsible for the payment and all other leaseholder responsibilities enumerated in the lease. Any issues with the Dwelling must be brought to Agent by the reserving party.

15.  OCCUPANCY- Guest agrees not to exceed the maximum occupancy as listed on the confirmation for the Dwelling.  The Agent agrees that infants who sleep in cribs are not included in the occupancy count. Guests found exceeding occupancy limit will be asked to leave the premises immediately with NO REFUND.

16.  NON-SMOKING- Smoking is PROHIBITED in our properties and is strictly enforced.  Violation of this policy will result in a $500 restoration/de-odorizing cleaning fee. Please do not smoke on balconies or decks, as this is a considerable fire hazard. Please smoke outdoors and away from the buildings.

17.  AGE REQUIREMENT- Agent does not rent to guests under the age of 25 without a parent or guardian present for the entire length of stay. Guests found breaking this policy will be asked to leave the premises immediately with NO REFUND.

18.  USE- Any use of the Dwelling other than for a family/beach/golf vacation is prohibited by the Agent.  The Guest agrees to have no events at the Dwelling. This includes but is not limited to: house, prom, sorority, or fraternity parties, weddings, receptions, or large gatherings.  If Guests misrepresent the reason for booking to the Agent, the Guest agrees that the Agent may refuse occupancy or have the Dwelling vacated and that the Guest will not be entitled to any refund.

19.  PROHIBITED ITEMS, LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS- Guest agrees to abide by all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances, including any Planned Unit Development covenants, conditions or restrictions while occupying the property. Guest agrees and acknowledges that fireworks are prohibited by county ordinance. The Town of Hilton Head has a noise ordinance after 10pm. For rentals which are oceanfront, the Town of Hilton Head Island has exterior lighting restrictions that are strictly enforced between May 1st and October 31st for the protection of the sea turtle nests, which if not observed, will result in fines to the Guest. Additional town and community rules and regulations may apply and will be posted with the property.  If Agent learns that Guest or any invitees have violated any of these ordinances, rules, and/or regulations, Agent may notify Guest that its rental is terminated.  In such an event, Guest will immediately vacate the Premises, any rent and fees paid to the Agent for the rental shall be forfeited, and Guest will also be responsible for any costs and charges related to such termination.  However, in addition to any forfeited deposits and fees, Agent may recover from Guest any and all other damages, loss, and expense caused by the prohibited conduct of Guest and invitees. Agent and Owner are not responsible for any fines incurred by Guest or invitees. If Owner is billed a fine, Guest will be charged.

20.  CARS & PARKING- Guest understands that parking at all properties is limited. Most gated communities and villa complexes have very strict parking/ max vehicle limits. In most cases, Agent will procure car passes for Guest before Guest arrival. Agent is not responsible for any issues that arise from Guest(s) or Guest invitees bringing more cars than are allotted for any Dwelling. Agent is not responsible if Guest(s) cars are towed from parking illegally.

21.  TRASH- Guest agrees to bag all garbage and dispose of filled garbage bags properly, dependent on location of Dwelling. Homes have cans in service areas. Guest(s) do not need to take service area cans to curbside. Villa complexes will either have a garbage chute, service area cans for each individual Dwelling, or an on-site dumpster for disposal. Failure to properly dispose of trash will result in an extra clean-up fee.

22.  FIREPLACES, GRILLS, FIRE-SAFETY- All indoor fire places are NOT for Guest use. If there is a grill included with the Dwelling, Guest agrees to use at own risk, understands any use of fire can be dangerous, assumes all liability for all guests and invitees, and releases Agent and Owner from any liability or responsibility from any claims, damages, cause of action, or other suits for any illnesses, bodily injury, even death sustained on Guest or any invitees under the rental agreement. Children are NOT allowed to use grills. Agent will ensure that all fire safety equipment (smoke alarms, fire extinguishers) are present and up to date in Dwelling.

23.  POOL & SPA (if applicable)- Guest agrees to use pool/spa lawfully, and obey all posted signs around pool areas. Guests using pools at private houses are not to tamper with or misuse pool equipment. Tampering with pool equipment will result in a minimum penalty of $250. Misuse of pool equipment can turn pools and spas green with algae. This includes failing to turn a system set to spa mode back to pool mode. Agent is not liable for guest misuse of pool equipment. Agent and Owner are not liable for Guest use of pool and spa, and/or any accidents/incidents while using pool and spa. No diving or horseplay at any pools. Guest acknowledges pools and spas can be dangerous, assumes all liability for all guests and invitees, and releases Agent and Owner from any liability or responsibility from any claims, damages, cause of action, or other suits for any illnesses, bodily injury, paralysis, even death sustained on Guest or any invitees under the rental agreement. Guest acknowledges Agent has no control over villa complex pools, and these amenities may be periodically closed for maintenance. Agent will make every attempt to notify Guest as soon as Agent is made aware of these closures.

24.  POOL & SPA HEATINGS- Guest must arrange and pay for pool/spa heat 2 weeks in advance of their arrival date. Agent cannot guarantee heating equipment.  In the event of failure of the heating equipment for the spa and/or pool at a private home, Guest will only be entitled to a refund of moneys paid toward the heating of that equipment and not of the rental dwelling itself. No children are allowed in spas/hot tubs unsupervised. Guest acknowledges that heated spas can be dangerous, and releases Agent and Owner from any liability or responsibility from any claims, damages, cause of action, or other suits for any illnesses, bodily injury, paralysis, even death sustained on Guest or any invitees under the rental agreement.

25.  CONSTRUCTION- Guest acknowledges that construction in and around homes and villa complexes is out of Agent’s control. There are no refunds for construction around Dwellings and/or in villa complexes. Most construction is done in the off-season between October and March. Agent has taken this into account, offering lower off-season rental rates.

26.  CLIMATE, MOLD, BUGS- Guest understands that Hilton Head Island is located in a subtropical climate, and known for its preservation of nature. Agent will make every attempt to make sure Dwelling is mold and bug free before Guest arrival. Dwellings are sprayed by pest control regularly throughout the year. If Guest finds dead bugs in the Dwelling, this is a sign that the pest control is working. Guest agrees to not deny pest control services entry to the Dwelling during their stay. Guest(s) who deny entry to pest control will be subject to a rescheduling fee. Mold growth can happen rapidly in the summer due to high heat and humidity, and can be accelerated by Guests turning thermostats down, running HVAC fans constantly, and/or leaving doors and windows open. Guest understands that mold and bugs are a byproduct of vacationing on Hilton Head, and that those issues can materialize quickly, even after a pre-arrival inspection. In the event of mold in a home/villa, and a Guest who is highly allergic to mold, Agent will make every attempt to remedy the issue as quickly as possible.


27.  DAMAGE & DAMAGE WAIVER- Guest covenants and agrees to surrender Dwelling in the same condition as of commencement of the rental period.  The damage waiver fee includes accidental and incidental breakage/damage to the Dwelling up to $1000.00.  These damages MUST be reported to the Agent prior to departure.  In cases of abuse and malicious damage to Dwelling, Guest will reimburse Agent and/or Owner the amount of all damage including reasonable attorney’s fees. Guest agrees for any said damages to be assessed and collected via payment on the credit card on file.  The Agent agrees to contact the Guest concerning damages prior to charging the Guest’s credit card. GUEST AGREES AND AUTHORIZES AGENT TO CHARGE GUEST’S CREDIT CARD ON FILE FOR THE RESERVATION FOR DAMAGES TO THE PROPERTY WHEN OCCUPIED BY THE GUEST OR GUEST INVITEES.

28.  REPAIRS, SERVICE CALLS, & NON FUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT- Guest understands and agrees that Agent cannot guarantee against mechanical systems failure during occupancy. No refunds, concessions, or rate adjustments will be made for these unforeseen circumstances. Guest must report any inoperative equipment or needed repairs to Agent’s office as soon as possible. Non-emergency maintenance issues should be reported during office hours, or left on the after-hours non-emergency voice mailbox. An after-hours emergency line is provided for true emergencies. Agent will make every reasonable effort to have repairs completed quickly and efficiently. Guest acknowledges that most maintenance work cannot be done after 7pm or on Sundays due to restrictions in gated communities. Maintenance call-outs are limited to true emergencies (fire, flood, lockout) during these time periods. Should a repair technician be called to a property and find that the equipment is in working order and the problem was due to Guest oversight or neglect, the charge for service can be at Guests expense. Guest agrees not to dispute maintenance charges on credit cards. Should any major repairs be required on the Dwelling during the Guest’s rental period, the Guest agrees to allow the Agent to provide the Guest with substitute accommodations comparable to said Dwelling, if available. If no comparable Dwellings are available, Guest agrees to accommodate contractors if repair is needed immediately. Guest understands that Agent, Agent’s staff, and/or contractor of Agent may enter the rental property at any reasonable time to make any needed repairs. If guest has not checked in, Guest can receive a full refund if no suitable accommodation is available. No refunds will be issued for non-functioning or closed amenities (for both homes and villas), including but not limited to TVs and internet, appliances, grills, elevators, pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, laundry rooms, fitness rooms, and/or other equipment. If the Agent deems it suitable to offer Guest a refund for a major issue, the Agent, at their sole discretion, may make a rate adjustment not to exceed 10% of the basic daily rate. Guest consideration form must be signed before any refund is distributed.

29.  PERSONAL PROPERTY- Guest understands that it is the responsibility of the Guests to keep the Dwelling and personal vehicles locked at all times, including personal or rented bikes. Guests that allow rented equipment to be stolen, damaged, or destroyed will be charged the cost of replacing the equipment.  Do not leave money or any other valuables in the Dwelling unattended.  Agent will not be held liable for any theft of Guest’s personal property from the Dwelling. Agent is also not liable for any items left behind by Guests. Agent will make best effort to locate and return any items left behind. Guest must pay shipping cost to have items returned.

Pet policy

30.  PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN OUR PROPERTIES OR ON THE PREMISES- unless in a “Pet Friendly” accommodation. If you are found in violation of this Policy, the Agent reserves the right to immediately cancel your rental reservation and occupancy of the Dwelling.  Additionally, Guest will forfeit all monies for the balance of their stay and incur a minimum additional penalty of $500. This charge is for a single violation. This does not include penalties that may be imposed by various villa complexes upon discovery of an unauthorized animal on the premises. For all pet friendly accommodations, there is a non-refundable pet fee included in the rent. This fee covers one animal. Each additional animal brought will add $100 to the pet fee. The pet fee will be waived for anyone who is not bringing a pet while renting one of the pet friendly accommodations. Service Animals must be properly documented.


31.  INDEMNIFICATION OF OWNER AND AGENT BY GUEST- Guest agrees to indemnify, and save Agent, its employees and Agents, free and harmless from any claim or liability for loss or damage arising from, related to or in connection with the rental property. Including but not limited to; claims or liability for personal injury, sickness, or death, or damage or loss of property made, incurred or sustained by any Guest or any Guest’s invitee. Guest agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Owner of the Premises for any claim or liability for loss or damage arising from, related to or in connection with the rental property. Including but not limited to; claims or liability for personal injury, sickness, death, or damage or loss of property made, incurred or sustained by any Guest or any Guest’s invitee during occupancy or use of the Premises. The Agent and/or Owner is not responsible for articles left in or on the property.

32.  INCLEMENT WEATHER / MANDATORY EVACUATION- Hurricanes season runs June 1st through Nov 30th. It is the responsibility of the Guest to monitor weather conditions for travel plans. Guest travels at their own risk. Agent cannot predict weather in advance. In the event of a hurricane nearing Hilton Head Island, Agent will only close office and cancel reservations in the event of a MANDATORY evacuation. Agent offers Trip Insurance that covers most cancellations/ interruption situations including natural disasters. The only refund for mandatory evacuations is from the insurance policy that you may purchase outside of 30 days prior to your arrival date.

33.  RETURN CHECKS- A $35 service charge will be levied for any returned check.

34.  NO REFUNDS OR PRO-RATIONS FOR EARLY CHECK OUTS, LATE CHECK INS, AND/OR NO SHOWS- Guest agrees that once they have checked in to the Dwelling, no refunds will be issued for early checkouts.  If Guests does not cancel the reservation and does not arrive for the Guest’s rental period, all monies paid will be forfeited.

35.  TERMINATION BY OWNER-Should the Owner of the property under our management elect to remove their property from our program for any reason, the guest will not hold Agent liable.  Every effort will be made to place you into a comparative property. If a comparable property is not available, Guest agrees to accept a full refund of any monies paid to date.

36.  AGENT’S RIGHT OF ENTRY- Agent or authorized subcontractor may enter the Dwelling during business hours for the purpose connected with the repair, care of maintenance of the Dwelling. This includes pest control and contractors for maintenance issues. Guest cannot refuse entry for needed services.

37.  PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF THIS AGREEMENT- If Guest violates any of the conditions or restrictions of this agreement, the Guest agrees that the Agent may terminate this agreement and enter the Dwelling. Upon notice of termination of this agreement, the Guest shall vacate the Dwelling immediately without being entitled to any refund and shall waive any rights that may be applicable under SC Landlord-Tenant Act.

38.  DEFRAUDING AN INNKEEPER- In South Carolina, it is illegal and punishable by a fine of up to $500 and/or 6 months in prison for Defrauding an Innkeeper.